Operation Wildflower

A call for kindness.

I am building a coalition of people committed to kindness and making the world better for all—one person at a time. 

Over 12 years ago,  I was single mom and was struggling to make ends meet for myself and my daughters. And, instead of finding kindness during the hardest time of my life, I found judgement and criticism. 

At the time, it felt like the world wanted to kick me down further, and further. But I knew there was good in this world, and it was important that my girls did to.

So,  I decided if no one was going to be kind to us,  we would be kind to others.  The hope was that our kindness would light the way.  And, we started with the people who had been the most cruel to us. 

It was a simple idea: one good deed leads to another. So, my girls and I secretly did nice things for others—left gifts, did random acts of kindness, and more.  And when we did these things, we'd  leave behind an #OperationWildflower card. The hope was that each recipient of a good deed would then go on to help somebody else. 

If you are interested in spreading the love, we've got a simple leave behind for you too. Just print and share.

Into Kindness? Print & Share.

  1. Download this simple card and print it. 
  2. Fold it in half with the row of flowers facing outward.
  3. Fold in half again so the message is inside. 
  4. When you do something nice for someone, give this card to them.

Hopefully, the wildflower seeds will spread and grow.